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How to Deal with Difficult People: 6 Tips to Keep Your Spirits High

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The role of an advisor includes interacting with all kinds of people on a regular basis. While the majority of the people you meet are probably friendly, thoughtful, interesting people, once in awhile you may come across the kind of person so difficult that even the most sociable among us…

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Habits Head Down

5 Habits to Keep You Happy – Part 2

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Independent financial advisors need to be self-motivated and focused to succeed. This discipline doesn’t apply just to our work, however. Being happy in both our personal and professional lives takes practice just like any other skill.  A few weeks ago, I posted part one of this article, featuring several good…

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5 Habits to Keep You Happy – Part 1

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The life of an independent financial advisor is extremely busy and full. Whether you’re just starting out or enjoying great success, each stage brings a new set of challenges. Long hours and a busy schedule can make it easy to get so wrapped up in your work that you neglect…

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website should show what's for sale

The Only 5 Questions Your Website Needs to Answer

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How well does your website communicate, connect, and inspire?   As a financial advisor, your website’s primary function is to prompt the right person to take action to improve their financial life. I invite you to review your firm’s website through the eyes of that next client you would like…

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Sleeping woman w Mask

Rest Success: 7 Habits for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Entrepreneurs often ask how best to stay motivated and productive, manage stress, and keep healthy and positive in the face of running a business and finding time for everything else in their lives. While there are all kinds of lifestyle choices that can help, there is one key factor that…

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Find Your Center

Instant Stress Relief – One Question to Center Yourself

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What’s the one thing that is essential right now, in this moment? You may not believe it, but if you stop and ask yourself that question, especially at a time when you feel stress, you can eliminate angst and tune in to “the now.”  Done right, you’ll  experience or achieve…

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