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website should show what's for sale

The Only 5 Questions Your Website Needs to Answer

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How well does your website communicate, connect, and inspire?   As a financial advisor, your website’s primary function is to prompt the right person to take action to improve their financial life. I invite you to review your firm’s website through the eyes of that next client you would like…

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Rest Success: 7 Habits for a Good Night’s Sleep

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Entrepreneurs often ask how best to stay motivated and productive, manage stress, and keep healthy and positive in the face of running a business and finding time for everything else in their lives. While there are all kinds of lifestyle choices that can help, there is one key factor that…

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Find Your Center

Instant Stress Relief – One Question to Center Yourself

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What’s the one thing that is essential right now, in this moment? You may not believe it, but if you stop and ask yourself that question, especially at a time when you feel stress, you can eliminate angst and tune in to “the now.”  Done right, you’ll  experience or achieve…

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Learn to say no

7 Tips to Manage Deadlines as a Busy Financial Advisor

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Independent financial advisors lead busy lives with many commitments.  From managing a multitude of client relationships with on-going deliverables like financial plan updates and quarterly statements to meeting and following up with prospects, it can feel overwhelming trying to stay on top of everything. Managing deadlines is a skill that takes…

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How to Build Your Client Attraction Marketing System as a Independent Financial Advisor

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When you attract more high-quality leads into your financial planning practice you can increase your revenue and spring from your plateau. However, scattered efforts to implement this straightforward notion often soak up an independent financial advisor’s resources.  You fail to show up regularly, and you exhaust yourself trying. To create momentum and…

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How to set financial planning fees to grow a sustainable advice firm

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Do you dread the “What does this cost?” discussion with new prospects?  Have you ever given in to the pressure to discount your fee because you received pushback or resistance?  Have you rationalized a lower fee because “you need the money”? Setting financial planning fees that demonstrate the value you provide…

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