When you think about the current state of your business (and your entrepreneurial life), what comes to mind?  What do you want to create?

Here's what I often hear from advisors and firms who engage me to help:

  • “I (We) have lots of ideas but never get anything done. I (We) need accountability and prioritization.”
  • “I’ve been running my financial planning firm for a while, but I am not nearly as successful as I know I can be.”
  • “I’ve plateaued, and I want to reach the next level.”
  • “I want to grow my business faster or get more out of it before I transition out.”
  • “I want to get organized and more focused on how I spend my time, money and energy.”
  • “I want to create marketing systems and use more technology and team to scale my business.”
  • “I work too hard and too many hours, and I need systems in place to ease the intensity.”

How you engage with me depends on your needs.  To help direct your path I outlined the most common needs of financial advisors who choose to enlist my help.
What kind of help do you want? 

If you want to:

Deepen your marketing and practice management knowledge

You can learn through free content on my blog (http://kristinharad.com/blog), LinkedIn posting and publishing (https://www.linkedin.com/in/kristinharad), and my Facebook Business Page (https://www.facebook.com/KristinHaradfan).

Pinpoint specific facets of your marketing

You like to learn on your own, but you need the steps to follow.  Take advantage of one of my complimentary guides and downloads as they become available.

Attract more of the right kind of leads, and

systematize your prospect follow-up and client outreach

By working directly with me as your consultant and coach, you will learn how to:

  • prioritize your marketing efforts and create your own client attraction system.
  • solidify your marketing foundation
  • know what efforts make sense to undertake, grow your business systematically, and
  • get your name out in the world in front of the right kind of person
  • capture more of the people interested in your service,
  • know when and how to communicate with people who engage, and
  • carry this relationship building into your client experience.

Elevate your business, amplify your fulfillment

Learn best practices to grow and scale your business, shift your effort to what you want to do most, and create a business and a life that serves you.


Not sure what path to take? Ask me. Submit this confidential questionnaire.

Organizations: Get Marketing Training for Your Financial Advisors

When you help advisors thrive in their businesses, they are more likely to stay as loyal members, become raving fans and advocates for your organization. If your organization, network, or association supports independent advisors and their success as entrepreneurs, I can help you provide valuable and practical marketing training to your members.

If you are interested in discussing how we can create a partnership to benefit your members, please email me at Kristin@kristinharad.com.