Service Offering for RIAs & Industry Firms

Outsourced Chief Marketing Officer

Grow Faster and Do More of What You Love with Experienced Guidance to Set Your Firm’s Path, Build Your Brand, and Train the Right Resources to Execute Your Marketing Plan

When you want to increase the overall revenue of your firm along with the revenue per client that you earn, you need to focus your marketing on a high-value hyper-targeted audience. With the right framework and supporting plan, you can dramatically improve your revenue without adding overwhelming amounts of new work. This streamlined focus actually reduces your effort so you can do more of what you love to do.

I engage with independent RIAs and industry service providers who want to systematize their marketing and create a sustainable firm.  To make this happen I assume the role of part-time Chief Marketing Officer, commonly referred to as your CMO.

My job is to help you clarify your goals, establish clear, measurable marketing objectives, and then provide my strategy recommendation for how to achieve those objectives. With buy-in, I then outline and prioritize the tasks and tactics on which we need to execute and determine the resources we need along with the responsibilities of your team members. Most importantly, I help develop a process for making proactive marketing a consistent routine and part of the usual workflow of the company.

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