Growth Acceleration Toolkit

Are you ready to grow your practice faster?  Learn how to leverage the power of partnerships to attract more clients quickly.   With 6 training tools to help you, this info-packed toolkit outlines exactly what to say and do to partner up for growth.

You’ll get:

#1 - The Independent Advisor’s Content Partnership Workbook
#2 - Referral Partner Guidebook with 3-Tier Methodology
#3 - 5 Strategies to Explode Your Media Exposure Tip Sheet
#4 - Your Partner Assessment Checklist
#5 - Partnership Request Sample E-mail template
#6 - Your Complete Partnership Tracker Excel Workbook 

All of the tools are delivered immediately to you online so you can access them right away from anywhere.



Welcome Kits That Work

Video Training Session & Template Set 

Learn how to craft each element of my sought-after Welcome Kit that actually sold my service before prospects even came into my office! This Kit alone saved me hundreds of hours of repetition, preparation, selling, follow-up and kicked off relationships on the right foot.

You will receive a 68-minute training video so you can learn the rationale and strategy behind each piece.  Plus, I share how to tailor each template for your practice.

You also get a template set that includes 8 real world examples, featuring:

  • Welcome Letter: Change the content to match your service and you’re ready!
  • Meeting Agenda: Let the prospect know what to expect during the meeting.
  • Biography: Compare yours to see if it’s time for you to make updates.
  • Questionnaire: Use this tool to get your prospects thinking beyond investments or budgeting. When they focus on the big picture, your value skyrockets.

You won’t want to miss the premiere piece: the Service Overview document. This two-sided sheet is so critical in your Kit that you receive two different examples to see what fits.

Whether you deliver your Welcome Kit digitally or in the mail, this Training & Template set will give you the elements and the language to use to set expectations early on in your lead to client experience!



The Complete Relationship Marketing Blueprint

Learn the right way to build an automated lead capture and follow-up system, set your business up to scale, and free up more of your time!

This comprehensive program is a 6-class step-by-step breakdown of how to create your own relationship marketing system that can help you automate your communications and capture the visitors to your site who are interested but not yet ready to commit.

  • Eliminate the burden of individual follow-up and let technology work for you.
  • Use the "Here's exactly how you do it" guidebooks, templates, scripts, emails.
  • Gain access to my private LinkedIn group to ask me anything!
  • Download my exact materials that I used in my practice to version for your own firm.

Learn how to implement the 6 steps of your lead-to-lifelong-client relationship marketing system.  Start today!



The Leads You Love Client Attraction System

The Leads You Love Client Attraction Course teaches you how to craft and implement a systematized, simplified marketing plan. I took all of my learning and acquisition marketing experience from over the past 20+ years and boiled it down into a practical, achievable program designed to help you set a solid foundation and prioritize your efforts for consistent results, producing leads over the long term.

Through 10 Modules you'll learn how to:

  • Set up your marketing systemto fit your practice and your skills – so that you can actually follow it!
  • Prioritize of all the marketing ideasthat swim in your head that you’ve never executed!
  • Build or strengthen your foundationand plug those leaks costing you valuable leads (and unrealized revenue)!
  • Gain the freedom to shareyour message in a style that best suits you – where the “true you” radiates and becomes magnetic!

I cover social media, content development, partnerships, and more in this comprehensive lead generation course.  Start today!