Kristin speaks frequently at organization and company events, educating advisors about powerful marketing strategies. Kristin is available to speak on a variety of marketing topics including these signature speeches:

In this in-depth session, we go beyond the basics and dive into progressive social media strategies.  Using the same strategy Kristin applies to her business, attendees learn:Beyond Likes, Connects, and Follows:  Advanced Social Media Marketing for Your Practice

  • The 7-Step Process to Create Your Own Social Media Campaign
  • How to maximize your social media resources and platforms
  • How you can engage potential clients in the places where they are to generate awareness and interest, and
  • When and how to use paid initiatives to accelerate your efforts.

Perfect for a group with established participants looking for that next level of strategy for their practice.

Go Small to Grow Big: Niche Marketing for Financial Advisors

Many planners strive to position their services as a fit for practically any potential client. Terrified of missing a single opportunity, they actually fail to connect with those prospects who would be a perfect fit. In this how-to session, you’ll learn: Why communicating that you can work with practically anyone is a highly ineffective strategy, how niche marketing can accelerate your practice’s growth, and the 9-Step Possibility Process™ to identify the best niche for your financial planning practice. You’ll also learn how to tailor your marketing communications, prospecting efforts, products and pricing to best serve your niche market. Actual tools and templates shared.

Relationship Marketing in the New World: Where Conversation & Automation Meet

“New World” marketing is all about creating conversation and building relationship through frequent interaction. Prospects want to get to know you over time yet this Relationship Marketing is the single most over-looked area of financial planning marketing. Demonstrated through case study, you will see exactly how to create an effective program that ensures you spend your time, energy and money focusing on the people who are most likely to become clients. Learn how to provide every single lead with a personalized follow-up that maximizes their chances of becoming a client, and when it is OK to stop pursuing a lead and let it cultivate. You will also learn the newest ways to leverage technology to automate this critical follow-up and still keep your personal touch.

Beyond Your Logo: How to Create a Powerful Brand that Makes Your Stand Out

Intentionally building a brand —beyond the logo—is often overlooked by financial planners. When ignored, the lack of a consistent and identifiable brand can leave potential clients apathetic. You lose clarity of what efforts to undertake, waste valuable marketing dollars and stumble on your story. However, a well-defined brand carries your marketing efforts to a level that radiates beyond any individual tactic you implement. In this session you will learn the “4 Strategies to Build a Powerful Brand”; how to create the coveted “halo effect”, how to justify premium pricing, and separate your practice from the pack.