Thrive as An Independent Financial Advisor.

Create a profitable business, do meaningful work, and live the
life you desire. I’ll show you how.

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"Kristin helped me clearly outline the steps so I now have a plan going forward to market to a niche. I will be able to focus on one thing." - Emilie Goldman, CPA, CFP®

You’re Here Because You Are So Much
More Than a Financial Advisor

You are an entrepreneur. You crave freedom, flexibility, and success on your terms.

You have a fresh way of looking at financial planning, and you want your business to reflect your unique perspective.

And most importantly, while you want a fulfilling professional life, you also want to travel, spend time with your family, and enjoy your life outside the office.

I Know All of This Because I Am You

In 2006 I launched my financial planning firm because I craved the lifestyle of an entrepreneur.

Using the marketing principles I’d mastered during my 14 years in corporate America, I grew my one-woman start-up to a flourishing, profitable business in just a few short years.

I know exactly how to make your business successful, too.

And by combining my expertise with your vision, passion, and drive, we’ll shape your business into the fulfilling venture we both know it can be.

The Advisor Adventure

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