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4 Marketing Afflictions that Plateau Financial Advisors

By June 21, 2017July 24th, 2017Featured, Marketing

To get stuck or confused when it comes to marketing your financial planning practice is common.  After all, you didn’t start your firm to be marketing or sales professional. You want to help clients plan for their future and achieve their dreams. Yet, you quickly realized that to fulfill your professional desires you need a steady stream of interested people contacting you.  While you may have experienced a modicum of marketing success to create what you have today, you know you are not attracting the leads you want to elevate your practice to that next level.

If you have plateaued in your practice, you may be suffering from one of these 4 marketing afflictions:

Work Harder Not Smarter.  The unrelenting nagging voice in your head says, “You should be doing MORE. You’re not doing enough!”  So you work around the clock hoping to break through, believing that if you just put in more time your efforts will work. The result: exhaustion, frustration, and wasted hours at the expense of your family, friends and your own wellbeing.

Breadth Not Depth:  You’ll try anything. You jump on whatever tactics you hear may work and overlook a cohesive strategy.  You dabble in multiple marketing endeavors and lack follow through on your initiatives to get the intended or promised results. This scatter effect leaves you saying, “I tried that. It doesn’t work,” without giving any single effort your full commitment.

Drift Not Drive: Usually a result of #2, your overwhelm paralyzes you. You have half-done initiatives, a bounty of marketing possibilities that you could be doing, and you feel the amplified urgency that you should be doing all of them right away. When you find yourself in this situation, inertia traps you, you lose your optimism, and you fail to lead your marketing effort. You drift and react to what appears each day rather than drive forward with a focused strategy.

Spend Not Invest:  You believe you can magically solve your marketing problems by buying the quick fix cure-all that will do it all for you. You imagine you can hand off your marketing without having to be involved, checking out completely while this remedy delivers for you. You end up with an empty pocket from spending on a generic solution and failing to implement well. Rather than invest in creating a targeted marketing system that will help you attract more of the right kind of clients into your business, you cut corners and increase your expenses while simultaneously impeding your income.

Prepare for your climb.

If any or all of these afflictions resonate with you, it is time to take a step back and reassess your marketing.  To reset your course and move up from the flatland answer these 5 questions to find clarity. With this newfound focus you can shed the burdensome behaviors that keep your stuck and begin your ascent.

You can’t avoid marketing, but you craft systems to support and serve your effort, freeing up more of your time and energy to lead your business. If you want to invest in your financial advice practice and start creating your marketing systems, I invite you to check out my free training videos.

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