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5 Excuses Independent Advisors Hide Behind to Avoid Content Marketing

By June 28, 2017Featured, Marketing

Content marketing through channels such as blogs, videos, podcasts, and webinars is the contemporary way to create awareness, drive interest and invite engagement in your service. Through consistent and ongoing content sharing, you can establish trust and build rapport with prospects and clients.  Touch on personal or emotional elements and you can connect with the right kind of people more quickly.

Despite these benefits many independent advisors fail to participate.  Hiding behind excuses advisors avoid the ‘hard work’ to leverage this powerful marketing strategy and play it safe by circumventing the opportunity to open up with softer or non-financial content that resonates.

To help you come out from hiding, I debunk the top 5 excuses I hear from independent advisors about content marketing:

  1. “I don’t have enough time.”   Yes, it definitely takes time to develop content, whether you create it yourself or you hire help.  The bottom line is that this type of marketing requires that you put a priority on it. You have to MAKE TIME to do it. Eliminate other time wasters and focus on frequent content sharing through one channel, whether it is a blog or a YouTube channel.
  2. “If I get too specific with my content, I will pigeonhole myself and lose out on clients.”   Nothing makes you appealing faster than going small. When you demonstrate expertise on the distinct, personal needs of a sliver of the marketplace by delivering explicit advice, you establish trust, differentiate yourself, and resonate deeply with the people you want to serve. Experts are attractive – and others will notice, too.
  3. “If I give away too much, no one will hire me.” Content marketing is no place for scarcity. When it comes to content marketing, the more you give away, the more trust you build. Take the abundant approach — rest assured that as you share, you build a relationship with potential clients (and elicit pride from existing clients who see you everywhere) that will attract in the type of clients who value help from an advisor.
  4. I don’t have to do this kind of marketing. I get all of my leads from referrals.” Good for you. I hope they keep coming in. This position is a reactive stance that means you sit and wait for the phone to ring.  What if you went out and proactively engaged by sharing your content? You will only strengthen your referral system as prospects check you out online, and you’ll feel good knowing you’re driving your practice.
  5. “I have tried sharing content, and it doesn’t work.” Have you consistently and frequently shared content for six months to a year? Are you sharing quality content, detailed to a target audience’s needs, rather than regurgitated generic advice?  Are you opening up and sharing personal experience and connecting below the surface on a deeper level? Do you tap into aspirations and inspire with your words, video or voice? If not, you haven’t given content marketing a chance to work.

It’s time to stop the excuses and focus on follow through. What is one thing you can do to get into action?

Create one piece of content.

Write a blog post, or record a video or a podcast. Just one. Get it done and share it. You will start the flywheel turning.  The fastest path: Publish a LinkedIn article (like I did here) and unveil yourself.

Already have a blog or a podcast that you want more prospective clients to see? One compelling way to expand your content reach is through leveraging social media and sharing the content you create beyond your web site. If you want more information on how to do this, request your copy of my social media content-sharing guidebook Beyond Likes, Connects and Follows.

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