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5 Reasons Financial Advisors Should Use Video for Client Meetings

By April 20, 2015May 20th, 2016Uncategorized

Learn how and why to leverage video technology to deepen client engagement.

If you insist on only conducting client meetings in person, don’t be surprised if your clients are increasingly stalling when it comes time to schedule a review. More commonly this is because they have become so used to conducting meetings via video calls and screen sharing across all facets of their life. Learn how technology solutions not only save you and your client time, money and energy, but can also create a stronger bond than you may expect.

How many times have you put off scheduling an appointment because you had to:

  • Figure out when you could escape your office to drive there
  • Find parking
  • Take the elevator up
  • Sit in the waiting area
  • Read an outdated magazine or ignore the “cell phone free zone” sign
  • Then, FINALLY, have your session with the expert you’re visiting?

Now imagine that your client feels that way about making time to meet with you, their financial advisor!

How can you ensure that your clients continue to engage in important reviews and meetings with you, while minimizing any inconvenience?

Find out on the complete post published on GuideVine.

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