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6 podcasts I recommend for your next walk

By April 19, 2020Lifestyle, Success

What used to be an occasional pursuit during my drives to pick up my children from their various activities is now part of my daily constitutional.  podcastI am consuming podcasts like never before!  Heading into Week 6 after the closing of my yoga studio, pilates studio and Soul Cycle, I have adjusted my exercise regimen to include walking 4-5 miles a day (at least that’s what my iphone tells me).

6 Podcasts to Try

This new exercise regime has opened up more podcasts for me; making me look forward to power walking the San Francisco hills.  Here are few of the podcasts I have found enlightening, educational or just plain entertaining:

podcastsThe One Thing

Based on the principles outlined in the book The One Thing by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan, The One Thing podcast hosted by Geoff Woods breaks down the concepts of productivity and managing time in a very digestible and inspiring way.  A bit redundant of late, the intent is right on:  whether you like it or not right now you are forming habits during this time at home.  Are they the habits that will serve you and help you thrive?   The combination of struggle/success stories combined with tactical How-To’s makes this podcast worth every minute.  I have been listening for a number of months.  [Recent episode recommendation (#236):  Mike Michalowicz, author, Profit First.]

podcast7 Figure Small

Quickly rising to the top of my list, 7 Figure Small by Brian Clark focuses on “how to achieve remarkable profits and a fulfilling life without huge overhead or meddling investors.”  His content helps freelancers, consultants, and solo business owners which speaks directly to me.  At first, his contemplative conservation style was too ‘slow’ for me; however, now in this time of pause, I find his cadence and his tone soothing.  His authenticity shines through (especially in this episode where he tells his personal story) and keeps me coming back.  If you like the podcast, and you’re a Gen X like I am, then consider his curated personal growth newsletter, Further.)

podcastThe Journal

I added The Wall Street Journal’s podcast The Journal to mix this month, and it is quickly rising to the top of my list.  These 20-minute episodes cover current events through the lens of business.  What I find most interesting is the link from each topic back to the impact on the economy (as the WSJ does so well).  April’s topics include toilet paper supply chain (fascinating!), world oil supply, unemployment, and an interview with Dr. Fauci on returning to normal.

podcastTen Percent Happier

I’ve only listened to one episode so far from the author Dan Harris’ podcast with the same name as his book: Ten Percent Happier.  The book was a fascinating read about how he learned the practice of meditation (something I have not taken on yet), so I decide to give the podcast a go.  My first listen was a re-broadcast of Episode 5 from 2016 with Amy Cuddy, of ‘power pose’ TED-Talk fame.  I had never heard her speak (evidently I am one of the few), and she was delightful.  Humble, intelligent, authentic.  Interesting interview with someone who appreciates scrapple as much as I do.  I am not sure if this podcast will stay on my list, but I keep browsing the episodes for one that piques my interest.

podcastThe Tim Ferriss Show

None of you are strangers to Tim Ferriss, and you may already listen to his podcast.  I actually do not very often.  However, I have to give a shout out to the depth of his interviews and the A+ guest list.  Looking for something entertaining, I found a interview with one of my all time favorite actors Edward Norton (episode 353) that felt too short even when it wrapped at the 2-hour mark.  Tim’s podcast is worth scanning for interviews with people you admire or want to learn more about.  Tim holds high caliber conversations that gives insight into the human behind the microphone.

PodcastCut Throat, Inc.

In the camp of “pure entertainment,” I recommend Cut Throat, Inc.  Dripped out each week, this thriller is a story from ABC’s 20/20 delivered in podcast format.  It is a real life story of greed, paranoia, deception and has all the makings of a solid mystery thriller.  The sad part, of course, is that is a true story.

One of the silver linings of this time of pause is that I am able to explore more audio offerings.  While I also download books on audible, I find the changing topics on the podcasts fit well to motivate me to make that last mile go quickly.

If you have podcasts you like and recommend, please share in the comments.

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