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Define your client attraction system – 4 of 7 elements

By August 14, 2020January 11th, 2021Featured, Marketing

Welcome to my video series on how to create a financial advisor marketing plan. I invite you to join me here and work out your plan along the way.  Today’s topic is all building your client attraction system. Please feel free to ask questions in the comments as we go.  

The 7 Elements of a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Element #4 – Defining Your Client Attraction System

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The fourth element in your financial advisor marketing plan

The fourth elements is defining your client attraction system. How are the right people going to find out about your firm?  How are your going to build awareness and generate that interest?

What you need to do is break your efforts down into multiple funnels.  Alot of times advisors think of everything they do going into one funnel and that’s how it (marketing ) works.  What you actually have is one funnel of people coming in that are from your personal networks.  What are you doing to be out in the community to be engaged to do one-to-one human efforts?  Those types of things have a limited amount of reach, but they can be really powerful.

Another essential part of a client attraction system to have to a lead capture and nurture system (that goes into a different funnel).  How are you getting out and sharing content in the world, letting people know what you’re about and educating them, so you can attract them in to start to build that trust with them.

From there, you add on complexities to your attraction system (each with their own funnel) depending on your goal.  Whether it’s focusing on the media, or centers of influence, or something else. When you define your client attraction system, you know exactly where to direct and prioritize your marketing resources.

Learn more about how to structure your client attraction system here or check out the infographic below .

client attraction

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Special thanks to Daynen Biggs, videographer from Superstition Studios for his work on filming and editing these videos.

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