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Fractional (CMO) and Marketing Coaching for Financial Advisors

Marketing Consulting and Coaching for Financial Advisors

One-on-one Marketing Consulting and Coaching for Financial Advisors

Using my Essential Elements for Growth framework as our guide, I personalize the marketing consulting and coaching experience to fit your needs. This relationship is focused on advice, guidance, and support over time, blocking out milestones month-to-month, and setting meaningful metrics to keep you on track. You must be open to coaching, willing to try new techniques and technology, and commit to implementing the work we outline.

This service is intended for the solo advisor, the RIA owner, an advisor at a larger firm who wants personalized help, or a founder or employee of an industry service provider who wants to increase his or her marketing acumen. This is an individual engagement only — you and I work together to help you achieve your goals. For assistance at the firm level, please refer to my Outsourced CMO offering.

By working directly with me as your consultant and coach, you will learn how to:

  • prioritize your marketing efforts
  • architect your client attraction system
  • solidify your marketing foundation
  • articulate your value, your service offering and your pricing to resonate with your ideal client and reduce “sales tension”
  • convey your brand across your marketing channels, including your website and your social media profiles
  • know what efforts make sense to undertake to grow your business systematically
  • get your name out in the world in front of the right kind of person
  • capture more of the people interested in your service
  • know when and how to communicate with people who engage
  • build out your lead-to-client conversion process, and
  • carry your initial relationship building into your client experience.

Experienced Guidance, Consistent Accountability

We hold 2 x 45-minute sessions a month, scheduled on a designated day and time. We use these sessions to make decisions about your marketing based on your overall plan and what’s come up during the time in between sessions, and outline action steps for you to implement for the next session. I hold your vision and plan for you to make sure you progress amid chaos and to keep you accountable. I provide strategic direction and execution advice; when needed, we use the session to implement an element together if you’re stuck. I do not implement your plan for you outside of the work we do in our sessions.

The 1:1 coaching is fluid, with a process backing it up. In between sessions you may email me any questions, share documents/web site/deliverables for my review, and get my advice to further your effort. I ask that you keep this “within reason” and I have never had an issue with clients on this front. I would rather know what’s going on and have you engage than get radio silence in between.

Who benefits most from this engagement?

This service offering is not suited for everyone.  I designed this service to be flexible and work well for advisors who are ready to focus on marketing.

While it is not necessary to meet all of the criteria listed below, the financial planners and advisors who gain the most from this engagement can answer “yes” to the following criteria:

  • CRITERIA #1. Are you an established solo financial advisor, an IAR, Registered Rep, or the owner of an RIA, with experience under your belt?
  • CRITERIA #2. Is your average client value at least $3,000 per year, or, if not, are you willing to increase your fees to get there?
  • CRITERIA #3. Do you have a list of prospects (who have volunteered their information)? You do not need big list, just legit list, or be willing to build one.
  • CRITERIA #4. Do you have a good reputation in the marketplace, with happy clients who find value in your service?
  • CRITERIA #5. Are you “coachable” and willing to try out new technology, delegate tasks, and create and share content at least twice a month?

Fee Service & Delivery

  • The marketing consulting and coaching is $800/month, and renews automatically until you decide you’re ready to go it alone! You may cancel any time, with 15 days notice. The $800/month rate will remain unchanged (even if my rates go up) for a minimum of 12 consecutive months of working together.
  • I provide this service for only a maximum of 12 individuals at a time. Sessions are available either the first and third Tuesdays of the month or the second and fourth Tuesdays. We meet at the same time/same day of the week, with occasional exceptions expected.
  • If all of the 1-on-1 client spots are full, you may add your name to the waiting list. I add clients on a first come, first served basis.
  • Pricing valid for engagements started by December 31, 2023.

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Sheena Hanson

“Since engaging with Kristin, I’ve been so happy with how streamlined and efficient our firm’s marketing has become. She helped save us tens of thousands of dollars on our annual budget, developed more clear messaging to our target, and has given me more confidence on our overall strategy. She is excellent at holding me accountable and bringing ideas to the table. I also appreciate her down to earth demeanor. She is a true pleasure to work with.”
Sheena Hanson, CFP®
Uncommon Cents Investing
Janesville, WI

Frank Murillo

“Before working with Kristin, my marketing was all over the place. A little of this, a little of that, and a whole lot of nothing. No brand, no target audience, and zero direction. Kristin was able to take a step back and tactfully piece together a brand that felt genuine, a targeted clientele I enjoyed working with, and a content strategy I could actually implement. The difference has been night and day.”
Frank Murillo, CFP®, AAMS®, CPFA
Snowden Lane Partners
Miami, Florida

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