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Set your growth goal for your marketing plan

By August 1, 2020September 11th, 2023Featured, Marketing

Welcome to my new series on how to create a financial advisor marketing plan.  Each week, for the next 7 weeks, I will share a new element in my marketing plan framework. I invite you to join me here and work out your plan along the way.  Please feel free to ask questions in the comments as we go.  Thank you! 

The 7 Elements of a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Element #1 – Setting your Growth Goal

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Defining success in a financial advisor marketing plan

In this video I talk about the first of seven elements in a financial advisor marketing plan.  The first element is setting your growth goal.   You need to know what success looks like.

financial advisor marketing plan - set your growth goal

Ask yourself, “Why are we even doing this marketing plan?”  Too many advisors come to me and say, “I/we want to grow,” but if we don’t know by how much and what that means, it is really hard to figure out what the right plan is to put in place for you.

I encourage you strongly (for example) to ask “If we want to grow by 10%, what does that look like for us?”  How many clients does that mean you need to add?  If you could only bring in X number of your  very best clients and (let’s say) they pay you $25,000 each, how many would that be to equate to the growth that you want?

This is the type of clarity we need for your marketing plan, so we can set this growth goal and build out all of the other elements to make it work.

Learn all of the 7 elements of a financial advisor marketing plan.


Special thanks to Daynen Biggs, videographer from Superstition Studios for his work on filming and editing these videos.

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