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Build your financial advisor marketing plan – 2 of 7 elements

By August 7, 2020January 11th, 2021Featured, Marketing

Welcome to my video series on how to create a financial advisor marketing plan. I invite you to join me here and work out your plan along the way.  Please feel free to ask questions in the comments as we go.  If you missed Element #1, click here to watch it.  Thank you! 

The 7 Elements of a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Element #2 – Brand Strategy

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The second element in your financial advisor marketing plan

In this video I talk about the second of seven essential elements in a financial advisor marketing plan.  The second element is your brand strategy.  Your brand strategy is made up of three parts:

Financial Advisor marketing plan

1. Positioning

This is your slice of the pie; the corner of the market that you want to own. This is your building on the street, so you need to figure out what that “storefront” looks like on your Main Street.

2.  Personality

How will you show up as a person in the world?  How do you talk?  What is your vibe?  What are you all about?

3.  People

Who are the people that you want to attract into your business?  I push firms, when I work with them, to focus on a high-value- hyper targeted audience.  This means you identify the best people and your favorite people, and you go after them with your marketing.  These are the people you want to fill your business with.

When you know these three parts, you have clarity on your brand strategy.

Click here to learn all 7 elements of a financial advisor marketing plan.

Special thanks to Daynen Biggs, videographer from Superstition Studios for his work on filming and editing these videos.

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