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Giving up on your 2020 growth goal? 3 reasons to focus on marketing now

By June 29, 2020September 11th, 2023Communication, Featured, Marketing, Success
Marketing plan for financial advisors - is your glass half full?  we're halfway through the year.

June 30.  Half way through a year that many would like to put behind us.

Think back to January — or even late 2019… the optimism for the new year.  What goals did you set for your growth?  How are you tracking against them?   With this halfway mark, we have a chance to reset…to have a “new year” planning session, to get back on track or to amp up efforts or to decide to carry on as you are.  Let’s be intentional.

You may have tiptoed around marketing since March, wondering what is appropriate.  Amidst the fear and devastation of the Coronavirus and the civil unrest and awakening sparked from the death of George Floyd, is it okay to market your business?  Is it okay to focus on what you need or even what you want? 

Yes, you can

How the events of 2020 have impacted you, your family, your business, your emotions, and your actions are unique to you. You may choose to direct your attention to other matters besides your work and that’s your prerogative.  But, if you have goals you want to reach this year, and if you have a bigger vision for where you want to go and the impact you want to have through the work you do, then it’s time to get back to the drawing board, be proactive about what you want to accomplish this year, and set your business plan and your marketing to support it. 

Don’t you have valuable advice and service that will help people feel confident and secure as they face the uncertainty of the rest of the year?

It’s easy to think 2020 is a wash — “Let’s just move on to 2021!” — but that feels like a waste.  Don’t you have valuable advice and service that will help people feel confident and secure as they face the uncertainty of the rest of the year?  Don’t you have personal income goals you want to meet?  Do you have employees who are counting on the success of your business?

3 Reasons to Re-engage with Marketing  

The shake-up to our lives this year may heighten the importance of a thoughtful marketing plan.  Here are 3 reasons to re-engage with marketing, if you’ve lost your way.  Or, use these reasons as motivation to start a conscious marketing effort if you never have. 

1. More time 

If business has slowed down, or you just have more time because you’re not commuting, spending as much time out and about, or your family responsibilities or activities have lightened or changed, you may find yourself with more time. Marketing your business should always be a top priority for leaders of a business; however, I know that many advisors let it fall by the wayside as they serve existing clients or wait for client referrals.  Now is the perfect time to dive into marketing and develop new habits and systems. 

2. New reality 

The ways you may have received business in the past may not be viable for a while.  If you rely heavily on in-person networking or events, you may be forced to take a good hard look at new ways of marketing.  Many advisors who have reached out realize that they have not paid enough attention to their digital presence.  Now, with even more people relying on online research, content, and engagement, advisors who have a compelling website and strong social media presence are “winning.”

3. New opportunities 

While many investors froze in their actions in the first half of this year, the thawing is coming.  I anticipate two groups of new opportunities for advisors who are clear on their marketing:  dissatisfied clients and “I can’t do it myself-ers.”  

While you may have been reaching out to your clients and providing even more service than usual (I hope so!), other advisors are not.  How long do you think those clients will stay put when they need advice now more than ever?  Bad or non-existence service during this time will cause a migration to new advisors as the year progresses… will these dissatisfied people find you? 

Economic downturn and job upheaval can make people realize that they don’t actually know what they are doing when it comes to their money.  A new group of people—who either did not pay attention to their finances or who tried to DIY—will realize they need and want professional advice.  Will you stand out?

Your (New) Marketing Plan

I know it can be scary to commit to a new way of marketing or just doing marketing at all.  Wrap in the stress of this year’s events and you can feel stuck. I, too, have been holding on to some training videos that I developed back in February, wondering when the “appropriate time” is to start sharing. 

I believe that time is now. The year is half way done now. We can’t keep waiting for re-opening or the perfect time to move forward.  I invite you to follow along as I publish my video series “The 7 Essential Elements of a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan” across the next few weeks.  I will post them here on my blog and share them on social media.  If you’re on my mailing list, you’ll get a notice when I post new ones. 

You have a valuable and necessary service to offer the world.  Don’t keep it a secret.  2020 still has a lot to offer. 

If you want help figuring out where to start or where to pick up with your marketing, let’s have a conversation.

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Kristin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Managing her own firm, she grew it from zero to six figures in less than three years, completely from scratch. In 2014 Kristin transitioned full time into training and coaching, where she now helps independent financial advisors to grow their firms.

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