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Design a Better Client Experience to Keep Your Clients Happy

By January 10, 2020September 8th, 2023Communication, Featured, Marketing, Practice Management

One of the best parts about the financial planning process is that you know your clients’ birthdays right from the start of the relationship.  No awkward asking or Linkedin snooping; you need that information to complete their plan. So, what are you doing to celebrate their day each year?   Whether you dread your birthday or welcome it with open arms (I’m in the latter camp), each client deserves acknowledgement of their day.  This is relationship marketing 101; and, oh, right! it’s fun, too.

Need a good example of an outstanding client birthday experience? 

SoulCycle has birthdays figured out. With a simple 2-part email series and an in-studio experience that celebrates, it’s impossible not to feel more loyalty to the brand. When I received the first email, I scheduled my birthday class right away and planned the rest of my birthday around that. How can you emulate what they do or use it as inspiration?

Let me break down the components for you:


Starts with a celebratory subject line:

Inside, I already feel the love:




I am psyched because each class is at least $30, depending on how many you buy at a time, AND I have been thinking about buying a new sweatshirt, so now I can at a discount.  Yes, they will make money if I decide to shop, but I am okay with that.


Of course I am opening an email with this subject line:


Remember, today’s your day to ride on us.* Expect a party on the bike—with a few surprises thrown in!

Now, I can’t wait to get to the studio….what other surprises will there be?


When I walk in, how surprised was I to see my name on the counter?   Feeling good…

Feeling even better after a challenging and fun class!  My instructor Sumner was delighted to smile for a birthday photo.

Client experience

Memorable?  Yes.  Deepen my loyalty to the brand?  Absolutely.

Of course workouts have the added benefit of endorphins tied to the experience that help us feel good.   But you can generate a “feel good” experience for your clients on their birthdays or another significant day in their life.  Even a simple handwritten note or a personal email that comes from the heart is more than most expect to receive.

BTW:  I did purchase that new sweatshirt, too!


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Kristin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Managing her own firm, she grew it from zero to six figures in less than three years, completely from scratch. In 2014 Kristin transitioned full time into training and coaching, where she now helps independent financial advisors to grow their firms.

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  • Lucy says:

    Hmm… so you’re saying my automated text messages might not be the best thing ever? It’s a really nice, ahem, template… I wish them a year of joy and abundance and I tell them I love working with them! Which sounds horribly disingenuous in an automated email, but it’s TRUE! I have the best clients. 🙂

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