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Imperfect Marketing: why you need to get out there less than perfectly

By January 17, 2019March 19th, 2019Content Marketing, Featured, Marketing

What action do you take when faced with imperfection?

“The best is the enemy of the good.”

These words from Voltaire (often quoted as “perfect is the enemy of the good,”) remind us all that many times it is best to forge ahead with an effort even when we know it’s not perfect.  This can be a tough path to take as a financial advisor.  In a role where erroneous financial recommendations can be career-ending, financial advisors often apply that same scrutiny to marketing.  If it’s not perfect, no one gets to see it.  Unfortunately, this commitment to quality in financial planning does not translate well to successful marketing.

Take a look at the picture of me below.  What’s wrong with it?

If I let my 10-year old daughter answer she’d say “your hair, your outfit, you’re all sweaty…gross!”  While that may be true, the answer is that there is an imperfection in this photo. This ‘less than perfect’ situation, where I did something incorrectly, that almost prevented me from completing a challenging workout. It also reminded me how many financial advisors approach marketing

Let me explain…

Seconds before my SoulCycle instructor said, “Let’s get ready!” I noticed my mistake. I had my pants on backward! Immediately my head started questioning:

  • “What if someone notices? Won’t I be embarrassed?”
  • “Is it worth it to fix it and miss the warm-up, draw attention to myself and then disrupt things when I come back in?”
  • Do I want to play catch up the remainder of the class trying to get into the rhythm?”

This is exactly the kind of doubt that keeps financial advisors from publishing valuable content for their audience. They wait for perfection and end up steps behind, playing catch-up, or simply not sharing at all to their own detriment.

In my saga (that transpired in all of 90 seconds), I quickly decided to carry on with the class, mistake and all, and reap the benefits of a full workout. This photo shows how fulfilling it was!

Those advisors who put content out there, who risk being noticed, who progress even if an effort is not perfectly prepared…they gain the benefit! They get the results..

Consider these wise words the next time you are not sure if you’re content is 100% perfect:

“Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without.”  ~ Confucious

Take risks, take charge and be proactive with your marketing.



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