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When you have your content ready for a graphic designer, you can cut and paste this project description into Upwork or provide it to your graphic designer.  Please edit as necessary to fit your intended style and the content specific to your business.   

Lead Magnet Design + Cover 

Looking for an eager & talented graphic designer freelancer who is willing to take a word (or google) document and create a simple, professional, attractive downloadable pdf along with a 3-D cover design to use as a visual alongside of a call to action in online promotions.  The guide will end up being longer than the word doc length, as we want to incorporate much more white space, add photos, include colorful charts (that are in the piece), and create an engaging visual flow of the content.  Use of icons to provide visual interest is encouraged.  We value your suggestions for stock photos to fit with the audience and the content.

This piece is targeted to ___________ (fill in)

Attached you will find the copy (Word Doc or google document link) and our logo, along with our brand style guidelines.


We do not have style guidelines; please review our site at (URL here) for a sense of the brand, font, colors, and icon style.

Please select photos from (stock photography site you use) —or—- your recommended provider of choice.  We will purchase the photos once we approve the layout.  


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