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Leads You Love

When it comes to marketing your financial advisory practice, you may ask yourself…

Should I Be Doing MORE?

The answer is NOT what you may expect!

  • Logging MORE hours does NOT guarantee more leads
  • Working MORE intensely with “big push efforts” will NOT produce sustainable results
  • Overthinking and researching MORE will NOT change your outcome (it actually slows you down)
  • Launching MORE wide-net marketing initiatives will NOT improve your return on investment

INSTEAD…the answer is:

A Systematized, Simplified Marketing Plan
to attract the kind of clients YOU want to work with
Using a Personalized, Practical, Achievable Program designed to help you set a solid foundation
and prioritize your efforts for consistent results, producing leads over the long term

If your next question is “Where Do I Sign Up?”

Then YOU are exactly the type of entrepreneur I had in mind, when I created


my Learn-From-Home Client Attraction Program
…And exactly who I am excited to be offering this exclusive

I’m letting you experience this program (at absolutely no obligation to you) so that you can see just how it helps you find and achieve your marketing rhythm – once and for all!

You deserve to get results that line up with your efforts and
teaches you how to do just that
in 10 effective, manageable and easy-to-follow Modules!

quote1You’ll learn how to:

  • Set up your marketing system to fit your practice and your skills – so that you can actually follow it!
  • Prioritize of all the marketing ideas swimming around in your head that you’ve never executed!
  • Build or strengthen your foundation and plug those leaks costing you valuable leads (and unrealized revenue)!
  • Gain the freedom to share your message in a style that best suits you – where the “true you” radiates and becomes magnetic!

quote2And Best of All…My Proven


Allows You to Sustain Your Energy…
While Maintaining Your Sanity!

quote3 quote4 quote5

kristin-harad-bioHi, I’m Kristin Harad, creator and developer of LEADS YOU LOVE.

I’d like to take just a minute of your time to introduce you to an incredibly powerful program and show you what so many other advisors, just like you, have found to be vital to their success!

I’m on a mission to help you THRIVE as an Independent Financial Advisor, to be able to create the profitable practice that you want, do meaningful work, and live the life you desire.

In my Leads You Love course, you’ll get exactly what you need to set up your own marketing system:  the practical steps and specific “How To’s” so you can choose what fits for you. Plus, you’ll see examples and resources you need to reach your potential.

What Do I Know About the Independent Advisor’s Market?

I am the founder of VitaVie Financial Planning, a fee-only firm in San Francisco, which I grew from zero to six figures in less than 3 years.  Leveraging nearly 15 years of marketing experience for companies such as Visa, Charles Schwab, Grey Advertising and JPMorgan Chase, I teach entrepreneurs how to successfully market their financial advisor practices in a common sense, cost effective and completely enjoyable way.

But…Like You, There Was a Time in My Career, When I Asked The Question:

“Should I do MORE?”

My ANSWER was to turn my knowledge and experience into an easy-to-follow online course that teaches you what to do each and every week when it comes to marketing your firm…

was born.

I Get It – You Want to Help People…

And that’s why I want to help YOU…

  • give your practice a jolt
  • find your marketing cadence
  • attract more paying clients over the long-term

So…if you’re MORE than ready to:

  • STOP asking “Should I be doing MORE?”
  • STOP wasting your valuable time & energy, researching, throwing “darts,” wondering what
  • could work
    STOP waiting for the clients you LOVE to come to you

Then Sign Up NOW

What is the LEADS YOU LOVE Program?

Leads You Love is 10 Module at home training course that teaches you step-by-step how to direct your time, money and energy in marketing your practice to attract more of the type of client you enjoy. When you focus on attracting leads you love, you can create a fulfilling practice and the lifestyle you desire.

  • If you don’t have a lead generation marketing plan, you will learn what to do and when to do it.
  • If you do have a lead generation marketing plan, you will learn how to improve what you have and get the most out of what you’re doing.

I’ve perfected this system from my experience with building my own successful financial planning practice over the past eight years, launching and developing my marketing consulting and coaching business, and training thousands of independent advisors across the last five years. Now, you have access to the same powerful strategies, the same best practices, the same tools, templates, and real world examples — all for your use to take your practice to its full potential!

Curriculum and Content

The curriculum is focused on the 10 steps to create an effective, ACHIEVABLE lead generation marketing plan for your business. I’ll break down for you in small bites exactly how to get the word out about your practice and your expertise.

  • The course is delivered through 10 Modules and includes:
    • 10 weekly training videos to view conveniently on your own time
    • Worksheets and downloads to help you lock in all of the learning from each training session
    • Access to interviews, templates, tools, and other resources to help you implement your plan

Screenshot-garnetMODULE 1: TARGET

As an independent advisor you must pick your FIRST target market. You’ll learn:

  • How to say exactly whom you want to reach
  • How to define your “niche”
  • How to decide with confidence exactly who your target is
  • Where to direct your time, money and energy for the highest return


Paralysis and inaction are the subtle enemies of successful marketing. Discover:

  • How to determine what your lead capture magnet (aka freemium) will be
  • What story you will tell through your autoresponder series
  • Which mode you will use
  • What home base marketing channel you will use as your ‘go-to’

Leads-You-Love_vertical_grayMODULE 3: PLAN

Designed to give you a competitive edge, this module’s components are two-fold:

  • Plan your baseline
  • Begin to create your content


Creating is a skill, and you can easily learn it with the right guidance and resources!

  • How to develop your content calendar
  • Ideas for inspiration
  • Ways to make content valuable


The secret to putting your business on the fast track to high-performance and solid profits!

  • How to do it
  • What to think about
  • Which providers work well


Increase your brand awareness, build a loyal fan base and gain you customers!

  • How to maximize your online presence (with directories, SEO and more) so people can find you
  • Understand that what they find tells your story and how to be sure you’re reinforcing it


You’ve got a few precious seconds to grab visitors to your website before they click away!

  • How to optimize your website
  • How to promote yourself
  • How to enjoy basking in the boost


The DIY business model only sets you up for slow growth and burnout – but we look at how to leverage three kinds of partnerships with effectiveness!

  • Gain referrals
  • Leverage their content
  • Gain exposure in the media


Master the art of engagement on social media, fast-tracking to explosive growth!

  • What to include
  • What to avoid
  • Which platforms make the most sense for you


You’ll be gearing up for a powerful impact beyond the confines of your current reach!

  • How and where to promote your practice and your freemium to drive traffic to your web site
  • The best foundation does not help until you get the word out beyond your brand




If you felt the FREEDOM that emerges when you have your FOUNDATION elements completely in tact, serving you 24/7

If you were 100% CONFIDENT in how you direct your marketing resources each and every day, knowing these layered efforts combine to generate MORE LEADS YOU LOVE

If you had a marketing expert who’s “been there” to train and guide you on your practice, providing STRATEGIC INSIGHT and TACTICAL HOW TO’s that apply directly to what you want to accomplish

If you knew EXACTLY WHAT TO DO each week…what to say “yes” to and what to skip

If you could describe your target client so perfectly that PROSPECTS KNOW right away that you’re a PERFECT FIT for them.

You KNOW What to Do NEXT!

Isn’t it time to STOP IMAGINING and make it happen?
Accept My Offer TODAY and Begin Your FREE TRIAL of


This is your opportunity to get momentum toward all of the success you deserve and the lifestyle you’ve always imagined! I can’t wait to give you the FREE Trial and help you reach your full potential! -Kristin Harad, CFP®

I know you’re wondering about the money you’ll invest in this program…

Advisors pay me $10,000, $12,000, $13,000 or MORE to work with me one-on-one to gain access to the content and the system that I created from my own experience ….

Now, through the Leads You Love Program, you learn the

SAME strategies,
SAME best practices
the SAME system

I teach to my one-on-one advisor clients for a fraction of the cost.

Think about it…
Do you want to Spend the next 3, 4, or 5 years figuring it all out on your own?

Or take what I have already proven and what other advisors have already applied to their practice and get started right now….


I wish some would have told me when I started my firm the technics and strategies you’ll learn from this course.

What a difference that would have made!

Now, I want to make that valuable experience and knowledge accessible to you!

How do you enter this program?

You can sign up for only $119 per week…but before you pay…


This is not a SAMPLE, “dumbed down” trial version of the program.

When you accept my invitation to the 7-day free trial, you receive your log-in and password to the program — and you UNLOCK MODULE 1 — the entire first MODULE — with your trial.


You are not charged until you are done with the 7-day trial period.

If you’re not satisfied, you just have to let us know.

Don’t worry about whether you want the full program or not…

Get in there and try it out…FREE.

Grow faster and do more of what you love.