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Market Your Financial Advisor Practice Effectively

By January 24, 2016August 8th, 2016Marketing

Overwhelmed by marketing? Here are four essential tasks where outsourcing and technology can help.

“I don’t have time to do it myself!” is a common refrain from financial advisors when it comes to marketing.   While marketing participation is essential for all advisors, there are many tasks you can outsource to free up more hours and sustain your energy for the activities you do personally. Here are four marketing plan essentials where you can engage support staff or technology to get the job done:

1. Write Blog Posts

Blogs are an excellent way to develop your personal influence in the marketplace. You are the subject matter expert, and your readers want to hear your unique perspective on topics relevant to them. However they can be time consuming and especially challenging to keep on a regular schedule. While many services purport they can curate content for you, you should not outsource this one completely.

To publish more efficiently and regularly you can enlist help by:

  • Hiring a copy editor or writer. A talented resource can a) interview you and write from your ideas.; b) work from a recording you provide (see below) and; c) review content you already have and “blogify” it.
  • Including a marketing virtual assistant, and they can establish a content or editorial calendar for you so you (and your writer) have a game plan.

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