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Most overlooked marketing plan element – 5 of 7

By September 12, 2020January 11th, 2021Communication, Featured, Marketing

Welcome to my video series on how to create a financial advisor marketing plan. I invite you to work out your plan as you watch the videos.  Today will focus on one of the most valuable elements which is also the most overlooked!  

The 7 Elements of a Financial Advisor Marketing Plan

Element #5 – Create your marketing list

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The fifth element in your financial advisor marketing plan

In this video I talk about the fifth essential element in a financial advisor marketing plan.  This element is the most overlooked, yet the most valuable in your plan: What is are your doing to create your marketing list?

Most people who hear about you or who arrive at your website are not yet ready to take action.  Maybe they’ve stopped on a lunch break where they’ve taken 15 minutes and done a search.  They found you. They need to have a way to be able to introduce themselves without having to commitment to consultation right off the bat.

How is that you are keeping track of all of those leads, prospects, and even clients so that you can communicate, nurture, and build trust with them?  To be able to do that, you need to focus your marketing on a list building strategy.  Most advisors focus on the small percent of people who are ready to take action right now.  In fact, most of the people who come to your website or learn about you, aren’t ready yet to take action.

Grow your marketing list with a lead magnetmarketing list of people who introduce themselves

You need to ask, “How is it that I am going to let people introduce themselves to me so that they can begin to get to know me?”  This is done through something called a lead magnet.  What kinds of valuable information are you providing in exchange for a name and email address, so someone can raise their hand and say, “Yes, it’s okay if you talk to me.  I want to get to know you better.”

This way, when a trigger event occurs in their life, you’ll be top of mind, and they’ll reach out to you.  If you don’t yet have a clear way that someone can sign up for your marketing list in exchange for something valuable, then now is the time to add that to your experience.

Learn all 7 elements of a financial advisor marketing plan.  Click here.

Special thanks to Daynen Biggs, videographer from Superstition Studios for his work on filming and editing these videos.

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