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How to Create a Successful Webinar and Teleseminar Workbook

While creating, promoting and holding a virtual session may seem overwhelming, this How to Create a Successful Webinar or Teleseminar guidebook provides an easy-to-use systematic approach the process. Coupled with the 30-Day Lead Machine transcript (see SURPRISE BONUS!) you’ll have ready-to-use examples of the communications you can send to attract in participants and follow-up.  Start marketing as “one to many” instead of just “one to one” – learn how with your own copy of this information-packed guidebook.


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SURPRISE BONUS! Transcript from the 30-Day Lead Machine.

Your Guide to the 9 Steps to Build Your Own 30-Day Lead Machine. Use the samples outlined in the How to Create a Successful Webianr and Teleseminar Workbook to launch and promote your virtual event. Keep this transcription on hand to refer back to each time you host an event.

The Complete Branding Guide

Branding made easy for financial advisors. In this workbook-style guidebook, complete the exercises to create your brand strategy, name your practice and design a professional-looking logo, without spending alot of money. Learn how to provide specific, clear, and useable input for writers and designers using the same type of branding input that large advertising agencies use. You’ll lower the number of hours your resources spend on your work and ensure you get exactly what you want. Plus, you’ll find out how to reinforce your brand at every consumer touchpoint, creating value and consistent messaging across multiple channels.


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Go Small To Grow Big Niche Marketing Video Training

You’ll learn how to claim a niche and gain clarity on your marketing target audience, generate leads, conduct effective seminars, build a sales funnel and get clear on marketing channels, advertising and messaging.

6-class Niche Marketing Video Training: How to Go Small to Grow Big

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Grow faster and do more of what you love.