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Welcome to Module 1!  We’re starting our Leads You Love program focusing on your TARGET. Before any marketing work can begin, you must be absolutely clear on the exact person you want to attract with your marketing.

While advisors often get tripped up over the term “niche,” or “the ideal client,” you do have to pick your FIRST marketing target.  This is not necessarily the only type of person you are “allowed” to work with; it is the person you will proactively identify and intrigue with your marketing efforts.

Once you have your target in mind, you will be able to make careful decisions regarding where to direct your resources across the next several weeks and months.  And keep in mind that this does not have to be a FOREVER target.  As your business grows, you can adjust your target as needed.

Ready to get started?  Here is what we’ll be covering in this module:

  • How to say exactly who you want to reach
  • Where to direct your time, money and energy with the highest return
  • How to decide with confidence exactly who your target is


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