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If you’ve landed on this page, you’re getting a sneak peek into a pilot program I am launching in January 2024 for a few select financial advisory firms.  Are you one of them?

Welcome!  For nearly 14 years, I’ve dedicated this stage of my career to guiding visionary financial advisors, helping to amplify their businesses with proven marketing strategies and intentional prioritization of effort.

As the needs of my clientele have expanded, so has my focus. I am preparing to launch a new brand and with it, a new coaching program.

Participating in this program is a unique opportunity — one that may be right for you.

Who is this for? 

I’ve crafted this one year program distinctly for growth-minded RIA leaders who are actively shaping Version 2.0 of their business.  This may mean you:

1. are embracing your CEO/business owner role fully, stepping out of or reducing direct client work to level up
2. have recently transitioned from a wirehouse or Corporate RIA to celebrate true independence, or you
3. represent the second generation of leadership, navigating the complexities of inheriting a founder’s legacy.

Mostly likely this means your revenue lis more than $1 million per year, but this is more about fit; I am looking for established firms with growth potential and the right leader attitude more than specific dollar thresholds.

Sound like you?  (Keep reading…) 

Not everyone is cut out for the entrepreneurial life, but you’ve stuck it out despite the uncertainty to build your firm to where it is today.

And now it’s time to take the scrappy, multiple-hat-wearing part of entrepreneurship out of the equation — and start building toward the 2.0 version of your firm, with all the freedom and fulfillment that comes with it for you.

My new pilot coaching program is for visionary firm leaders ready to…

●    Build sustainable growth instead of hustling nonstop
●    Foster relationships with humans instead of “building a book” of faceless business
●    Nurture warm leads instead of hard selling around the clock
●    Wake up feeling energized instead of drained

If you already know you want to talk about joining this pilot, schedule your fit assessment here. I am meeting with firm leaders from now through mid-December to find the right firms to join the January 2024 launch.  


What you’ll find inside the program

We know that business success and personal satisfaction go hand in hand.  This program is all about helping you create a sustainable firm that helps you fulfill your professional vision while enhancing your personal fulfillment. You’ll stoke the business fire in your belly and nurture the human behind the leader, to create a framework for yourself to blend the two long-term.

Your path to 2.0 begins here as we go beyond simply marketing strategy to grow your business…you’ll learn:

The Fulfillment Framework

Learn from me, learn from others 

With a balanced approach, integrating both group dynamics and personalized 1:1 sessions, I will lead you through the year. You will need to block out a few hours a month to participate in sessions and allow time for implementation (more on that below).  Along the way, you’ll also hear from additional industry experts to deepen your learning as we work through the three phases:

Exclusive Perks for Pilot Participants

This program is new, which means you get to have important input into what matters.  I’ll bring my framework, my business development expertise, the best practices learned from working with hundreds of advisors and the flexibility to ensure I suit your needs along the way.

If you’re selected to participate in in this pilot, you’ll receive:

Personalized Attention: This is a pilot program so only a select few firms will be invited, ensuring you receive ample one-on-one time and personalized guidance.

–  Lower Investment – For far less than the $70K/year I charge Fractional CMO clients, you will have access to the same wisdom and marketing best practices I share along with a wider scope of advice. You also get my “introductory” rate because you’re jumping in first.

Added Value – Add up to two people free:  While there is an investment per leader to join the program, I am adding in two bonuses for the year:

1.  Each firm can have two senior leadership participants for the price of one for this pilot program.

2.  Each firm may also add an additional team member—an implementer—at no extra charge. This way, she or he hears firsthand what needs to be done (future programs will charge a reduced rate for a team member).

Specific Requests Addressed:  While my expertise is not new, the format for delivery of the content is.  Your needs will help shape the curriculum, so I will do my best to honor specific requests within the framework context to give you the help you need along the way.

You, and up to two team members can join for the year for the introductory price —an investment of $20,000.

Interested?  Act now.  

If this email intrigues you and you want to learn more, please schedule a fit assessment no later than December 15th. To ensure the exclusivity and depth this program promises, I will finalize our participants list by December 22nd so we can comfortably kick off in January 2024.

With limited slots available and consultations needed to evaluate the right fit, I encourage you to express your interest as soon as possible.

I am genuinely excited about the possibilities we can unlock together. If this opportunity resonates with you, please email me directly at [email protected] or schedule a time here or click the button below.

Let’s make your vision of “Your Firm 2.0” a reality.

~ Kristin Harad

Grow faster and do more of what you love.