Kristin speaks frequently at organization and company events, educating advisors about powerful marketing strategies.  Bringing her real world knowledge from her experience as founding and growing the first fee only financial planner focused solely on the needs of new parents, Kristin brings in the trenches knowledge to every presentation she gives.  Available to speak on a variety of marketing topics, Kristin will customize a presentation to meet the needs of your event or you may choose from one of these signature speeches:


Beyond Referrals: How to Help the Next Generation of Advisors Grow Your Firm

Most likely, you got to where you are today from the hard work of founders who were tenacious networkers. Sales and marketing are different now, with proactive outreach shifting from direct contact to education through content and slow nurturing of prospects. Skeptical of the advice industry, potential clients seek validation of your reputation, take longer to feel trust and want human connection, not a faceless company. Large RIAs must reinforce a company brand while enabling advisors to foster their own personal brands that resonate.
In this session, learn how to prime your next generation of advisors to grow your firm along with what to include in your marketing playbook for advisors to help them focus their efforts for the greatest return.

Reinvent Your Marketing: Grow Faster and do More of What you Love  

Designed for the established advisor or RIA who feels they have more potential, attendees will learn how to:

  • Expand their thinking, gain clarity on what fulfillment means for them
  • Reveal exactly who they want to work with so they can focus on attracting only those people to their business
  • Uncover their revenue opportunities to help decide how to draw in more dollars.
  • Shift their support system so their gain more leverage from team and technology.
  • Decrease their effort and free up more of their resources to spend where they want.

With participant exercises and clear examples of how to execute the strategies discussed, attendees will walk away knowing where to focus their marketing efforts for the biggest impact.

Beyond Likes, Connects, and FollowsAdvanced Social Media Marketing for Your Business

In this in-depth session, we go beyond the basics and dive into progressive social media strategies.  Using the same strategy Kristin applies to her business, attendees learn:

  • The 7-Step Process to Create Your Own Social Media Campaign
  • How to maximize your social media resources and platforms
  • How you can engage potential clients in the places where they are to generate awareness and interest, and
  • When and how to use paid initiatives to accelerate your efforts.

Perfect for a group with established participants looking for that next level of strategy for their business.

Metrics That Matter: How to set and track lead generation efforts to reach your goals. 

In this session attendees learn:
  • How to create a framework to guide quarterly, monthly and weekly marketing activities.
  • The right way to think about marketing funnels — and why they need more than one.
  • What numbers to track to know which marketing efforts to repeat and which to stop.
This session is designed so attendees step away with an approach that they can apply right away to help them achieve their

business goals!

The Fortune is in the Follow-up: 4 Essentials for your Lead-to-Client Conversion System 

Advisors focus on attract more leads to grow their business; however, one powerful way to increase your revenue is to upgrade how your marketing follow-up process. With faster and higher rates of conversion, you can accelerate growth with far less incremental effort.

In this session, attendees will learn the 4 essentials for an effective lead-to-client conversion system, along with:

  • When conversion starts (it’s sooner than you think!)
  • How to eliminate the burden of individual follow-up, and let technology work for you
  • One communication you must have to save hundreds of hours of repetition, preparation, and selling
  • What to do if you don’t hear back from a prospect (you were certain would sign on)
  • The 2 actions you must take to be top of mind when a trigger event occurs
  • What you should always remember when you follow-up


Go Small to Grow Big: Niche Marketing for Financial Advisors

Many planners strive to position their services as a fit for practically any potential client. Terrified of missing a single opportunity, they actually fail to connect with those prospects who would be a perfect fit. In this how-to session, attendees learn:

  • Why communicating that they can work with practically anyone is a highly ineffective strategy,
  • How niche marketing can accelerate their business’ growth, and
  • The 9-Step Possibility Process™ to identify the best niche for their financial planning firm.

They will also learn how to tailor marketing communications, prospecting efforts, products and pricing to best serve their niche market. Actual tools and templates shared.


Kristin is an accomplished speaker educating advisors at meetings and conferences across the industry for organizations including:  NAPFAFPA NorCalFPA of San FranciscoFPA of Los AngelesFPA of Silicon ValleyNAAIMAlliance of Comprehensive Planners, and First Affirmative Financial Network.