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While you’re here….let me ask you…

  • What do you do to warm-up your potential next clients in advance of their free consultation or introductory meeting?
  • How you package and present your client experience BEFORE they have that important first meeting?
  • How do you shift the focus of your initial session away from service details and tedious logistics to a more meaningful conversation?
  • How do you presell your prospects so they walk in to door ready to sign on?

Welcoming new clients starts sooner than you think. 

Too many advisors wait until the initial consultation to start the client experience.

From the minute a lead becomes a prospect by setting a meeting, you can kick off the “conversion” process.


By sending a WELCOME KIT!

A welcome kit is a digital or paper-based communication packet* that:

  • Addresses common questions and concerns
  • Demystifies the client experience
  • Helps prospects understand where or if they fitwith your service
  • Outlines your pricing to eliminate surprises and set expectations
  • Prompts for important information to help them prepare for the session.

*Packet can mean pdfs, videos, podcast-like overviews, printed materials …or any combination of media.  With a well-thought-out welcome kit you lay the groundwork for trust and professionalism, letting the prospect feel secure that you have a defined process.

Imagine how stress-free a consultation can be when you’ve already started the conversation and connection before you even meet. Learn how to create or improve your Welcome Kit to educate, inspire (and screen!) potential clients in advance of that first face-to-face meeting with my mini training course designed specifically to help independent advisors like you make the right impression.


Welcome Kits That Work
Video Training Session & Template Set

Learn how to craft each element of my sought-after Welcome Kit that actually sold my service before prospects even came into my office! They liked it so much, and it presold so well, that most times we just met for formality and personality match. This Kit alone saved me hundreds of hours of repetition, preparation, selling, follow-up and kicked off relationships on the right foot.

You will receive a 68-minute training video so you can learn the rationale and strategy behind each piece.  Plus, I share how to tailor each template for your practice.

You also get a template set that includes 8 real world examples, featuring:

  • Welcome Letter: Change the content to match your service and voila! it’s ready
  • Meeting Agenda: Let the prospect know what to expect during the meeting
  • Biography: Compare yours to see if it’s time for you to make updates.
  • Questionnaire: Use this tool to get your prospects thinking beyond investments or budgeting. When they focus on the big picture and emotional questions, your value skyrockets.

Of course there is more…

You won’t want to miss the premiere piece: the Service Overview document. This two-sided sheet makes life much easier for you! This piece is so critical in your Kit that you receive two different examples to see what fits.

Whether you deliver your Welcome Kit digitally or in the mail, this Training & Template set will give you the elements and the language to use to set expectations early on in your lead to client experience!

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On sale today, right here, right now only!  This course can be yours for just $47

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