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Video marketing for financial advisors: how to get started

By April 12, 2021September 23rd, 2023Content Marketing, Featured, Marketing

Resonate better with the right people through video

Video marketing may seem intimidating, but after more than a year of speaking in front of a camera for Zoom meetings, you are nearly a pro!  In this video, I cover the basics on how to start doing video marketing to build your brand.  You can spread your message and attract in more of the right people to your financial advisory firm.  Try video!

Demystifying the use of video as content

One of the strategies I am often talking with advisors about is how important content marketing is.  One type of content that can be particularly compelling is recording and sharing videos.  I would like to help demystify the process of creating videos for your marketing, and show you how easy it can be.

When I recorded the 7 essential elements of a financial advisor marketing plan series, I also developed an 8th video to explain the video process (see above).   Here I walk you through the process:

Decide what content you want to share.

Think of your content as the story you want to tell.  The easiest way to do this is often through use of a framework.  e.g.  the 5 Steps, the 7 elements, the 10 tips.   With this structure, you have a logical breakdown of the videos to create for a series.

Choose whether you will record the videos yourself or hire a professional.

Doing them yourself saves you money in the short term, but may chew up much more time and energy as you learn how to handle sound, lighting, editing and more.  (Alas, we’ve become semi-pro over the last year, so maybe this is in your wheelhouse!).

I like to have a professional help.  So, when I came up with the 7 elements series, I went to Upwork.  Upwork is a reputable freelance source that I depend on to find a variety of creative professionals.  To find a video professional, I simply searched for “video production,” put in my location filter, screened the freelancers, and found my videographer.

Prepare for the session.

Whether or not you hire a professional, the next step is to decide on location and schedule your session.  Even if you’re doing this for yourself, be sure to block your calendar and minimize the number of distractions for your recording.

You’ll want to prepare a script or an outline so you can stay on track during your video day.  You will have to decide whether or not to use a teleprompter.

If you’re working with a professional, that person will handle lighting and sound (a huge relief in my opinion).  DIYers should invest in a high quality microphone and you may want to brush up on lighting techniques.

Roll ’em!

Now it’s finally time to record.  Relax and have fun with it.  After all, you’re just having a conversation.

After recording comes the editing.  Even if you did not hire a professional to record the video, you may choose to upgrade your quality by hiring a professional editor to add in a few effects and possibly background music.

Spread the word

Once you have the finished product, it is time to publish!  Video marketing works well on social media platforms.  Go out to the places where your ideal customers are.   You can also add your videos to your website as valuable content.


Now that you know the basics, get out there and share!  Once you have a few videos “in the can,” you’ll see how effective video marketing can be as part of a well thought-out marketing plan.

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Kristin is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Managing her own firm, she grew it from zero to six figures in less than three years, completely from scratch. In 2014 Kristin transitioned full time into training and coaching, where she now helps independent financial advisors to grow their firms.

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